Rev. Al Sharpton in St. Louis Tuesday

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FERGUSON, MO -The Reverend Al Sharpton is expected to be in St. Louis Tuesday at the request of the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown.   On his website Sunday, Sharpton wrote the shooting  was "very disturbing."

Sharpton is expected to speak with the family Tuesday and hold a press conference at around noon.



  • Este

    Why isn’t the three other black men that died over the weekend getting any press? Their lives don’t mean that much to the community or these leaders, do we even see their names? How about the other 24 individuals that died in July in St. Louis due to crime, where is their names, where is the outrage? All the murders in St. Louis this year, and this is the ONLY one that gets anyone upset? Those 100 plus individuals hardly got their name mentioned? WHY? If you pull a trigger and your a certain color is it O.K. to take a human life or not OK? We leave 100 die in the area with nobody upset, not nearly a news story it is so common, but one dies with some question and it is national news? St. Louis is terrible with crime, and don’t play the stats game that the county is not figured in. Remember, East St. Louis is not figured in also, you add in the East side that is closer then many county municipalisites in we are number on in the nation for murders, and who know where else for all the other crimes.

  • Este

    Between the years 1973 and 1980 Sharpton served as James Brown’s tour manager. Great, himself, college dropout who has failed to pay U.S. taxes numerous years, to lead our nations black youth to improvement.

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