Oklahoma family says they found a snake in a case of water

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BRISTOW, OK (CNN) - A family in Bristow, Oklahoma got the surprise of a lifetime.

They say a pygmy rattlesnake appeared inside a case of water they picked up from a local Walmart.

Miranda Christian has more.

Here is a picture of what the Hemingway family found in their case of water when they got home: a snake intertwined with the water bottles.

Heidi and her daughters went to Walmart earlier that day and bought the case right off the shelf.

Heidi Hemingway, Shopper: “We get home, and she helps me unload probably about 10 of them, push the water to the side, about 30 minutes later she starts screaming there is a snake in the water.”

Heidi said she had to act quickly.

Heidi Hemingway, Shopper: “So I get my husband and he pushes the water outside, snake kind of runs loose and he kills it with the end of a broom stick.”

The snake had been sitting inside their home for about 30 minutes before her daughter found it.

Heidi Hemingway, Shopper: “It was really scary, especially with all three of my kids there.”

Could have got out and got one of them

Heidi says she never would have thought to check for a snake in a case of water.

Heidi Hemingway, Shopper: “It had to be hidden under the label or something.”

But she is glad no one in her family was injured and she will start looking a bit closer from now on.

Heidi Hemingway, Shopper: “I'll start looking from now on, make sure nothing is hidden in there.”

Walmart said it is going check all its water to make sure there aren't any more snakes in there.