NAACP tries to bring calm to Ferguson

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NORMANDY, MO (KPLR) – An overflow crowd attended Monday evenings NAACP meeting at the Murchison Tabernacle CME Church in the 7600 block of Natural Bridge Road.

Emotions were running high before meeting and remained so during the meeting. Those attending the meeting voice their concerns over the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the looting that followed the vigil on Sunday.

Community leaders at the meeting along with NAACP officials were seeking to bring the community together from this past weekend’s shooting of Michael Brown and find a way forward from the violence of Sunday night.

Outside the church a crowd of several hundred gathered as room inside was filled to capacity. Many of those wishing to attend the meeting discussed the events around the Brown shooting and pain of losing loved ones to violence in the St. Louis area.

One of the main topics was the need for both young and old coming together for justice and getting engaged with community locally and nationally.

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  • RS

    REVELATION: Ferguson Police Chief Is A C.O.I.N.T.E.L.P.R.O. Presence! 1.Since when do you point the finger at an entire community over what a relative few people chose to do FOR REASONS UNKNOWN OR INVESTIGATED THUS FAR? ( This is entirely “normal” for Fox2, by the way…they especially love to conduct trials set up by former City Clerk Favazza entirely in the news with no regard for due process. Check the record! )

    2.The T.H.U.G. (gang) element in these types of communities have been known to exist by the police departments they operate in most aggressively for the better part of THREE DECADES so why haven’t they been all this “protective” of the community members that have suffered the most from their presence all along? What a coincidence that their presence was , evidently , considered negligible up until some white merchants’ property was damaged and THEIR peace was broken. Wow.

    I feel that Ferguson , MO and other areas as well in both the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County where T.H.U.G activities have long been known to the police and community leaders therein , yet never acted upon in any meaningful way with regards to the general peace of those most affected by their presence , should be investigated THEMSELVES for suspicion of using them (T.H.U.G.S.) for GENERAL INTIMIDATION AND MEDIA SABOTAGE whenever issues like the current one involving the “looting and robbery” of Michael Brown’s ENTIRE LIFE come under scrutiny.

    I’d like to see this issue included IMMEDIATELY to the scope of the F.B.I’s probe efforts …they’ll be astonished (if they don’t already know) at the patterns of interaction between the Ferguson Police Department and the T.H.U.G. element in that community.

    Ditto for the Ward of Antonio French (North City) Just imagine: Paying off T.H.U.G.S. by giving them jobs while I can’t have any peace or feel safe about going to work and paying for the level of comfort I’m entitled to in my own space in his ward …”IF” I even have a job , but , if I happen NOT TO HAVE ONE I’m strictly forbidden from getting one through him because I’m NOT a T.H.U.G.!?!?
    It would behoove Mr. French to note that T.H.U.G.S. make PLENTY OF MONEY off of “other activities” …they could open their own businesses.
    They don’t need or want or want a job from you , they just want the satisfaction of your open capitulation to their strong arm tactics.


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