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(KTVI)-- For Tish Flowers and her co-workers today was the end of a two week competition to collect some back to school supplies.

And for these folks at CVS Coram's Patient Financial Services, a company that helps those critically ill today was a chance to unwind.

"Okay who else," asks Kevin Strobel.
"We had 172," shouts a voice from the back of the room to thunderous applause.

As tables filled up in the middle of the room so were hearts and boxes.

When the dust was settled, there were nearly three thousand notepads, pens, pencils and more that will go to Koch elementary in the Riverview Gardens School District and Johnson Wabash School in the Ferguson Florissant School District.

"As we were unloading all the school supplies I was fighting back tears because I know the huge impact that this is going to have on those children and the difference that it's going to make in those schools," says Letitia Flowers, the organizer of the school supply drive.

But a bigger impact was about to be made for each team that collected more than 100 items - that of a pie in their bosses face!
One by one they came, whipped cream pies in hand for the chance to do what every red blooded man, woman and child has always wanted...to throw a pie in someone's face

"I get a little stuff on me I can go home and wash this off," says Kevin Strobel, the boss who is also a good sport.  "But the building of healthy people is the main thing because that's what we're here on Earth to do."

When on Earth are you able to do good and give your boss a good one smack dab in the kisser?

"It was a lot of fun," laughs Flowers.

"It was," agrees Strobel.

"I mean, who hasn't dreamed of throwing a pie at their boss," adds Flowers.

Yes, who indeed?

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