Goodwill waits approval to build store in Eureka Missouri

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EUREKA, MISSOURI  ( KPLR ) An effort to open a Goodwill store in Eureka , Missouri is getting a cold shoulder. Some people think a Goodwill store would be an eyesore in a community,  but Goodwill says that's not the case.

A Goodwill plan to build a store in Eureka, Missouri  is dead for now.The Eureka City Board of Alderman have not decided if they will break ground for a Goodwill in their community.

Goodwill officials says no other city has turned down the non- profit and they are hoping Eureka officials will give the store a chance. "We have been here in St. Louis for 100 years. We have never been turned down by a city," said Mark Kahrs, senior vice  president of retail stores for MERS/Goodwill.

Eureka City Alderman are not issuing a statement at this time and are being silent about the plan . Goodwill would like to put the Eureka council at ease.

Kahrs says  the store could benefit the Eureka community  with  hopes the store will bring shoppers to the area  along with creating jobs. "The city council and the alderman at this point, have not yet voted on anything. It's on the agenda and no one has made a motion to take a vote, "said Kahrs.

The  $3.5 million  facility  is expected  to  have 81 parking spaces , 8 more than required, 30 percent of the site would be green space .

Some Goodwill shoppers hope the city of Eureka will give the green light for Goodwill.  "I think the stores are generally  kept up well and they look as good as other department stores. It brings people into the community . I think it's a great deal, said Hank Ankenbrand, Goodwill shopper. "I always stop here first because nine times out of ten ,I can find something for a lot less then I would find in a store . I never heard of crime or anything at a Goodwill store,"  said Jennifer Smorodin,Goodwill  shopper.

The City of Eureka isn't commenting right now. Goodwill will have another opportunity to plead   it's case at the  next aldermanic meeting on August 19.


  • Donna

    I would be interested in hearing just what the real reasons are for them not wanting the store there. I don’t shop at Goodwill and haven’t for about 15 years. I think Goodwill marks up their donations way too high. All those years ago I was purchasing a faded tee shirt for my grandson. The yard sale tag had 10 cents and it was probably worth five cents. They were asking $3.00. What the? When I asked why the big mark up the worker said well we have to pay our workers too. The worker probably made 10 cents off the the sale. The corporation gets the rest. I now shop at Savers where Vietnam Vets get more of the profits and if I find out they aren’t I’ll stop shopping there too.

    • Cj

      Donna, I have to agree with you. Although I do not live in Eureka, I have noticed that our local Goodwill has a high mark-up on their items. I love how they are supposedly not-for-profit, but in fact over charge for the items that were DONATED to them in the first place. Then if you go to them and ask if they would be willing to donate some unwanted items that (they can’t sell) for a special cause, they refuse. I think they are an eyesore in my community!!

  • dennis allen

    There’s enough small business leaving Eureka. The city needs to seek some good restaurants and businesses and not settle for a Goodwill. This is a great bedroom community but pretty soon all that will be left is Six Flags. Pacific Mo could really use this instead of Eureka.

  • gordon

    i use to live in eureka and i can remember that about 45 years ago Eureka was begging companies to open store`s there im sure something else is involved in it

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