Tea cups being made for St. Louis Art Fair

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Teaching sculpture is something that suits Matthew Isaacson to a T.

'I just fell in love with the process, the actual physicality of making something with my hands,' says Matthew Isaacson, an associate professor of art at Forest Park Community College.

Today he was showing some of the art that will be up for grabs at the annual St. Louis Art Fair next month.

'We make the clay, we wedge the clay, we throw the clay on the potter’s wheel,' says Isaacson.  'Then we go to different process from a bone dry stage to bisque and then we glaze the cups and then we go to a firing which reaches 2350 degrees Fahrenheit.'

That temperature is what makes the cup food, dishwasher and microwaveable safe.

Once these cups made here at Forest Park Community College are finished the handmade works of art will be handed out to the public.

'Is this the part where you start playing the Ghost theme?' asks Patrick Clark.
'Depends who's working next to you,' says Isaacson.

This year's theme for the St. Louis art fair is "Art is our cup of tea."

While they last one thousand of these cups will go to those who register online or stop by their booth come the weekend of September 5th.

This year 181 artists from 35 states and Canada will be showing and selling their works.

'We do everything related to art from teaching artists how to apply for the show, bringing in some of the top in the nation to show their works,' says Cindy Lerick, the St. Louis Art Fair Organizer.  'Then the school has all their different entities of what is their cup of tea but art is one of their cups.'

'Because not only does it get to showcase the potter or student who is working, but they can be at the fair presenting their work to the public so they can say, 'Hey I made this cup for you,'` says Isaacson.

Then, all you'll need to do is find a nice earl grey to go with your new handmade tea-cup.

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