Thieves caught on tape stealing from deceased man’s house

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(KTVI)-- In Lemay, neighbors are disgusted after a home burglary.

But their anger is not so much about what was taken as from whom it was taken.

The man who lives there had cameras focused on his father`s house across the street.

And what is so offensive about this crime is the man they stole from died just a few weeks ago.

His name was Butch Denoyer.

It is easier to see the suspicious activity leading up to the crime than the burglary itself.

Shortly before 6 pm Wednesday, a man drove up and came to Butch`s house. A neighbor let him know Butch had died.

Then the man drove off and was later seen driving around the block several times. While someone he apparently dropped off broke into Butch`s house and began to steal his belongings.

A few items were quite valuable; others were simply high in sentimental value.

Also missing is a duffle bag Butch`s son's fiancée had customized for Butch as a father's day present. The family surmises that`s what the thieves used to pack off Butch`s things.

Based on the video, the car appears to be champagne colored with a spoiler on the back and some sort of damage to the rear of the driver's side. The neighbor says the driver was a white male in his 30`s or 40`s. St. Louis County police have seen the video.

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