Mayor flap has Sunset Hills triathlon sponsor threatening to cancel

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(KTVI)-- The co-manager of Swim, Bike , Run is a title sponsor of the Sunset Hills Triathlon at the end of August and is threatening to pull his sponsorship if there isn't something done.

Chips Self says that this triathlon course is very hilly through Sunset Hills and in order for people to train they have to use the streets. He would like to make it safe and implement a program to help. Since the accident Self has received a lot of calls from concerned bicyclists. So he`s proposing that Sunset Hills adopts cycling-friendly community standards. The city of Wildwood is the only other St. Louis city that has adopted it.

Wildwood has just put in the stenciling of bike routes on roadways a few weeks ago and the feedback has been positive. Self hasn't heard back city council members and we reached out to all the aldermen and didn't receive a statement on Self's intentions. In fact we reached out and informed one of the aldermen what Self's plan of action was.

Self doesn't want to have to do this but he want to protect his riders and he feels an attitude adjustment is the only way his riders would feel safe riding.

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  • pat welch

    You wan to talk safety, then lets be real, who’s ever idea it was to give bikes the same rights and to m ix bikes on roads that are designed for vehicles are insane, they move in packs , go to slow and weave in and out, they are missing windshields, brake and turn lights and a license plate, its just a bad idea period !!

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