Boards of all types catching waves at the Lake of the Ozarks

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(KTVI)-- It used to be water skis and jet skis were all you could find out on the Lake, but not anymore.  There is every type of board for every type of skill level and all of them are a ton of fun.

Gabe Fowler is originally from St. Louis.  He started wakeboarding 20 years ago.  First recreational, then competitively and now he performs and teaches.

“It’s always a blast, always fun and just awesome!”says Fowler. “You’re out there by yourself.  You can do anything you want back there.  You can do anything from just standing behind the boat.  You can reach down and touch the wave.  You can carve the wake.  It’s just peaceful back there it’s just a blast.”

And Fowler says anyone can learn to do it.  Over the past decade it has become one of the top water sports in the country.  But it is not the only one.

Bobby Sutherland is also from St. Louis.  His board of choice is more like a skateboard made for water.  It’s called a wakeskate.

“A wakes skate is a little bit shorter and has grip tape on top so it brings a skate boarding aspect to behind the boat.  You can do tricks where you push the board one way and your feet stay the same.  So you can do some skateboard tricks on the water.  It’s a lot tougher.  You’re not going upside down.  It’s just a lot more fun for me,” says Sutherland.

One of the most exciting new trends in watersports brings a taste of Hawaii right here to the Midwest.  It’s called wake surfing!

“Wake surfing you’re right behind the boat, surfing on the wake the boat makes going about 9 miles an hour.  A lot of people are really getting into that now because it’s a lot easier on the body.  You’re only going 9 miles per hour.  There isn’t a whole lot of strain,” according to Sutherland.

You can learn to do any of these water sports by contacting Iguana Water Sports at the Lake of the Ozarks or Stateamind Water Spots here in St. Louis.

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