Second complaint filed against contractor for faulty renovation work

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - Just two weeks ago we told you about a contractor who failed to complete a mobile home renovation project.  Now we`re talking to another homeowner with a string of complaints about the same guy.

In this second case, the consumer paid for one type of flooring only to find out the contractor installed a totally different product.  Janice and Dennis Husmann say they paid for carpet in the living room and hallway.   But in the kitchen and bathroom they asked for wood flooring.  And they paid for a particular brand according to Dennis.

'We paid for Allure which we didn`t get.  We got this lesser brand product which is just a peel and stick.'

The Husmanns also take issue with the overall workmanship.  You can see gaps in the floor pieces and there's serious concern about the potential for injury because the pieces are not all secured.  They say it could trip them up.   And the Husmanns say it`s been like that from the day of installation.

After watching Contact 2 last month the Belleville couple realized they'd given their money to the same guy who was supposed to renovate this mobile home in Freeburg. The business is called Perfection Floors And More in Marissa Illinois.  The owner has not answered our calls.  Nor have the Husmanns been able to reach him.

'We`ve paid over two thousand on this and considering the way the floor is, we`re going to have to have this redone which means we`re going to have to invest at least a thousand dollars.'

The Husmann's say the contractor walked off the job.   'I believe in giving the little guy a break in terms of the opportunity to install. I wasn`t opposed to that.   But to just walk away, to do it slipshod, indicates you don`t care about it, you`re just interested in getting the money.'

Before you hire someone for home improvements, do a thorough check of their reputation.  We can't stress this enough.  And be careful about contractor names listed with retailers who supply building materials.   You'll find tips for hiring a contractor in the link below.

If you have consumer issues our toll free number is 800 782-2222.  Volunteers take calls between 11am and 1pm.

BBB`s eight tips for hiring contractors are:
1. Ask at least three companies for bids based on the same requirements. Discuss the bids in detail with each contractor and ask them about variations in pricing. The lowest-priced bid may not be the best.

2. Ask about the company`s insurance. Does it carry worker`s compensation, property damage and liability insurance? Ask for proof of insurance or for the name of an insurance agent you can call to verify the coverage.

3. Ask whether the contractor is licensed for the type of work you need. Does the firm meet the bonding requirements of your town, county or state?

4. Check with local authorities to find out whether permits are needed. The contractor should be aware of any permits or inspections that may be required.

5. Ask the contractor to provide a lien waiver when the job is completed. A lien waiver is a statement that all suppliers and contractors have been paid for materials and labor.

6. Ask for a contract and read it. Get any verbal promises in writing. Make sure the contract includes the start date and expected completion date.

7. Don`t pay the entire amount due until the work is completed and you are satisfied. Be careful if a contractor wants to be paid in full up front. In some cases, a contractor may need a down payment to cover materials. But the bulk of the money should not be due until the work is complete.

8. Always check a company`s BBB Business Review at

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