Prescription thieves targeting Walgreens stores

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DESLOGE, MO (KTVI) – A gang of prescription drug thieves break into two Walgreens stores and get away with a lot of powerful drugs.

Both burglaries happened in the early morning hours Saturday.  One of the stores hit was the Walgreens in Desloge, Missouri.  The other was the Walgreens at 11590 Gravois Road in St. Louis County.

'They went straight to the right cabinets where the controlled substances were kept and got right into them,' said Desloge Police Chief James Bullock.

They were fast, and they were particular.

All the thieves wanted were Schedule Two narcotics; those heavy-duty painkillers and other addictive drugs worth a lot of money on the street.

Desloge police have seen the surveillance video.

'Two people came in the building,' said Bullock. 'They were completely covered from head to toe with hoodies, gloves and masks.'

'They went right to the first cabinet with the bar, popped it open and then the other ones were even easier to get into,' he said.

Sometime that same early morning, thieves hit the Walgreens on Gravois, breaking in through the drive-thru window, stealing 40 bottles of OxyContin and Adderall.

Bullock says he`s been advised by drug task force investigators this may be the work of the Chicago-based gang called the Vice Lords.

He also says he has been told thieves were arrested just a few days ago in the Poplar Bluff area for doing the same thing, though he did not know if the pharmacy involved was a Walgreens.

No one from Walgreens answered FOX 2`s request for a comment.

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