Police looking for a suspect in Northwoods fatal fire

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NORTHWOODS, MO (KPLR) – Suspicion against a woman who may have murdered her former boyfriend's sister has reached the tipping point with police.  Police first called former girlfriend, 36 year old Lakeisha Lane a person of interest, they are now calling her a suspect.   Officer Brian Schellman is a St. Louis County Police spokesman, "It's really the next level, we've pinpointed her through the evidence the detectives have exhausted all their leads and what not, they're ready to call her a suspect."

July 6th was a horrible day in a Northwoods neighborhood. 49 year old Dana Williams, a woman who loved her family, served in the military and worked for the state was dead. She was killed in a house fire.

Larry Holt used to be Lane's boyfriend.  He said she needs to be arrested, "They just need to catch her I think I want her in jail she needs to be locked up."

LaMar Taylor is Williams' cousin and also knows Lane.  He said he's worried that she has not been apprehended, "She's still calling and threatening people, people are scared out here man we got children out here we don't know what this girl might do."

Police plan to file charges like murder and arson against Lane soon. If you have any information that can help them locate Lane County Police are asking you to call them.

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