Is catsup bottle really up for sale?

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KPLR) - There's a 170 foot tall catsup bottle casting a shadow over Collinsville and the question remains who is willing to pay the 500-thousand for the former water tower and warehouse next to it.

'I've actually had people calling me wanting to know if I put the sign up there that it was for sale,' says Roger Conner, owner of Bert's Chuckwagon. 'But I informed them it wasn't April 1st so it wasn't my doing.'

Roger Conner is the owner of Bert's Chuckwagon, a mainstay for a meal for those driving historic route 66 through Collinsville.

'They'll stop in and we'll talk about the area and Collinsville grows a lot of horseradish, the most in the world, and the catsup bottle,' says Conner. 'Those are two of the main things in this town.'

For years Conner has been coming up with stories of the landmark sinking or being sold and turned into a beer bottle.

But now the behemoth on the historic register has no guarantee it will be preserved.

'It has been fodder for my April Fool`s jokes over the years and I really would hate to lose it because it's been very enjoyable,' says Conner.

As for the future, it's too soon to say whether this big bottle of catsup in the sky will be standing for many a future picnics to come.

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