Did political connections help a driver keep their license?

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL (KPLR) - Hitting a pedestrian earns a misdemeanor ticket for former Judge`s daughter.

A woman with 49 prior traffic violations now faces a misdemeanor ticket for sending a pedestrian to the hospital.  Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes is looking into whether political connections are allowing the woman to continue driving.

We found Katherine O`Malley`s car with a partially caved-in windshield.  Witnesses say the damage is from O`Malley hitting a man.  It happened July 5th at about 3:30 pm on Country Club Place.  One witness told me the car ran a stop sign and slammed into a man from behind.  The man was reportedly walking with his family, including a baby in a stroller.  The witnesses won`t talk on camera in fear of political repercussions, but they described O`Malley as appearing to be in no condition to be driving.

Court records reveal 49 previous traffic charges against O`Malley including 22 for speeding (two of them for exceeding 26 miles an hour over the limit).  Seven charges were for driving without insurance and three were for driving on a suspended license.

O`Malley also faced a drug possession charge and she may be most infamously known for a second drug charge that mysteriously disappeared.  O`Malley was a co-defendant with Sean McGilvery, the convicted drug dealer to former St. Clair County Judge Michael Cook.  O`Malley was inexplicably erased from that case and now Fox 2 is trying to find out why she only faces a misdemeanor traffic ticket for hitting a pedestrian.

O`Malley answered the door to tell us that Sheriff`s deputies gave her a field sobriety test and that she passed that test.  She had no further comment other than to say she believed the pedestrian she hit is doing fine.

The St. Clair County Sheriff`s office said it did not conduct a field sobriety test on O`Malley and had no probable cause to conduct such a test.  Sheriff Rick Watson said there`s no favoritism here and his responding Deputy is the type of officer who would write his own mother a ticket.  In this case, O`Malley will get off on the misdemeanor ticket, with nothing being referred to the State`s Attorney for prosecution.  The police report is very basic, with no witness statements.

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