St. Louis man helping keep families from dangerous trip across U.S. border

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(KTVI)-- A St. Louis business owner is caught in the middle of the immigration crisis.

Bob Wamhoff of Wamhoff Financial has been working for 12 years to help destitute families in Honduras. His office is lined with pictures of the people whose lives have been changed by his "Just Because We Care Foundation."

Bob and his Dianne visit Honduras 3 or 4 times a year. They have raised nearly $2 million to help 1,000 adults and children who live on a mountain. Now with the immigration crisis, Wamhoff is worried because some of those families are heading for the U.S.

The risks are too high.

A coyote will charge thousands of dollars to help the immigrants get to the U.S. border.

Two of his families made it California, but Bob is particularly worried about a 22-year-old woman seen in a photo with his wife Dianne. She has left the mountain with a man who promises to bring her to the U.S.

Bob is urging the Honduran families it is safer for them stay in their country and he will help them.

Bob and his wife plan to visit Honduras again in September.

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