Father and police officer rescue teens from raging fire

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Two St. Louis teenagers are lucky to alive thanks to their father and a police officer who pulled them from a raging house fire. The fire started on Arlington Avenue in north city in an unoccupied home and then spread to the next door home that was occupied.

A set of 13-year-old twins, a girl and boy, were asleep in the basement as the house began filling with smoke, with flames racing from the back. Their father was down the street and rushed back to the house while screaming for help. A police officer who spotted the fire while on patrol arrived on scene first rushed to help.

The smoke made it impossible to see inside so the father yelled from the front doorway for the kids to wake up. The teens climbed up the stairs and the father and police officer them to safety.

"There was a lot of smoke and I was stumbling up steps and couldn't see

Because of all the smoke, said Deontae Quarrells.

The twin's mother work and rushed home, not knowing if her family was safe.

"I am very grateful that my twins or ok.. very thankful, I am blessed," said Yolanda Miller.

This is the second house fire the family has had t deal with in the past 7 years.