Monarch Fire Protection District employee rally

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(KTVI) - There is more controversy Thursday for the Monarch Fire Protection District in Chesterfield.  Members of the Firefighters Union will protest before one of their members is disciplined.  Union members say they will hold a rally at 3:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon to support their Shop Steward, Chris Gelven who is also a Captain in the district.

Gelven is facing possible discipline for talking to the media after the Monarch Fire Board reportedly acquired bullet proof vests earlier this year.  Back in April, Gelven said that bullet proof vests would be used to line a half wall that sits in front of the desk that board members use at meetings.  The union here has been at odds with the board over numerous issues for some time.

According to the union, Gelven was off duty, was wearing his union apparel, and was acting in his capacity as a shop steward when he responded to inquiries from the media about the bullet proof vests.

An hour after the rally, the board will hold a disciplinary hearing for Gelven behind closed doors.  There will be a public meeting to follow.

Gelven could be demoted, suspended or even lose his job.


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