Tomato growers looking at a bumper crop

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - It was a rough start to this year’s tomato season. There were wild temperature swings and a few storms.
“Out of 6,000 plants we had to replace 2,000 just because of a hail storm,” said Tom Goeke, owner of Herman’s Farm Orchard in St. Charles County.

Goeke showed us rows of tomato plants loaded with fruit. He typically expects one plant to yield 10 pounds of tomatoes.

“This year there’s a good possibility that there’s 15 plus pounds per plant,” said Goeke.

The longtime farmer believes an absence of extreme heat has helped this year’s tomato crop bounce back.

He also believes an abundance of tomatoes is around the corner. Years of farming experience have taught him to expect tomatoes to ripen shortly after a full moon. The next full moon will be Saturday.

“Sunday and Monday will blow your mind how fast it will turn,” Goeke said.

He also believes an absence of extreme humidity has helped his blackberry crop. His peaches are also plentiful enough for customers to pick their own later this month.

“The conditions are just perfect in the Midwest to set fruit,” said Goeke.

He says he’ll enjoy it while he can because the weather is always changing.

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