Stolen Jefferson County car may have been used in Georgia crime spree

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HIGH RIDGE, MO (KPLR) - High Ridge homeowner Ginger Paul is angry and wants justice. On June 30th someone stole her 2000 silver Volkswagen Beetle from her garage while her family slept.  She says it`s more upsetting because she had only been in her home on Ridge Top Court for two weeks.

'I woke up one morning and my car was gone. I couldn`t believe it honestly my boyfriend went to take the trash out and said babe where`s your car?.' said Paul

Paul went to Jefferson County Sheriff's detectives then posted her frustrations on Facebook and got a surprise.

'I posted on Facebook and one of my friends came across a picture on of a kid lying across my car. My plate number was there, it was my car.' said Paul

She was also shocked to find out that her car was totaled in Georgia and may have been part of crime spree spanning more than 600 miles.

'It`s my understanding that two kids that took my car drove it to Georgia and committed several crimes. They`re being held in custody there right now and my car is being held for evidence.' said Paul

After making extensive calls and hours of research FOX2 discovered our affiliate WAGA in Atlanta reported that two Missouri teens were arrested for armed robbery in Acworth Georgia on July 1st. One of the teens is 17-year-old Cody Gains of House Springs, MO and another 16- year- old male. Acworth police also say the two were connected to robberies in Missouri and a stolen Volkswagen Beetle from Missouri. While Ginger Paul waits for confirmation on if that Beetle in Georgia is hers, she wants the people who took her car to face the consequences.

'I probably won`t get my car back but I want these kids to pay for what they did this is not acceptable.'  Paul said

Jefferson County Detectives say the High Ridge theft investigation is ongoing.

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