Ted Drewes helps woman with throat cancer

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(KTVI)-- A south St. Louis woman may have a sweet solution to her throat cancer recovery.

Marianne Showalter has a nightly habit that might be good for her health.

"I make my own banana split every night," says throat cancer survivor Marianne Showalter.

The banana split solution started after a diagnosis in December 2008.

"I had thyroid cancer," says Showalter.

She had surgery in 2009 but the cancer returned and spread to her throat where doctors performed another surgery less than a year later.

"They removed all the cancer from my vocal chords, from my voice box and from around my corroded artery," says Showalter.  "He took out 32 lymph nodes which in eight I had cancer.  And then I had radiation."

It's been a slow recovery but a sweet silver lining.

Showalter found a south city solution to her post throat cancer diet, Ted Drewes.

"I don't buy a banana spit everyday cause that would run me broke," says Showalter.  "I buy it by the quarts."

She makes it a nightly tradition.

Thursday she was making a gooey butter cake for her doctors at Barnes Siteman Cancer Center.

"Every day is a new day," says Showalter.  "You wake up and you don't know what you're facing."

While her doctors can't point to any concrete evidence that custard works best for throat cancer survivors, her nutritionist is onboard with the sundae split seven days a week.

"She said we're not going to take Ted Drewes away from you because if you're getting something down we`re happy," says Showalter.

That's good news when custard is the cure for what ails you.

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