‘Chemotherapy Barbie’ to be widely distributed

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(KPLR) – It wasn't love at first sight for Grace Bumstead, 4, and Ella, a chemotherapy Barbie who's bald and wears wigs.

Grace has a rare form of leukemia. The rate among children is roughly 1 in a million. She will endure high doses of chemotherapy over the next year and a half, and one of the hardest adjustments has been losing grace's blonde curls.

But that's where Ella came in. Now Ella is part of what the family calls Grace's "inner circle of Barbies," alongside Ariel and Rapunzel.

But sadly not every cancer patient is able to adopt an Ella doll.

When Children's Hospital Los Angeles told Grace's mom they only had six dolls to hand out, she sprung into action, creating a petition to ask Mattel to make more. In just 3 months, that petition had more than 100,000 supporters.

Mattel took notice, contacting Grace's mom and agreeing to make more Ella dolls and to distribute to children's hospitals throughout the country.

Grace's oncologist said she has a 75 percent chance of being cured. Grace's family believes Ella will help remind the young girl of the struggle she overcame and hopefully will never revisit.

Mattel told the Bumstead family that they plan to distribute the Ella dolls in August. The company's goal is to make new ones every year.

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