Stolen convertible crashes into cell-phone store in South St. Louis

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A stolen corvette hit a cell-phone store around 3:30 Wednesday morning.

St. Louis Police and medics rushed to the Boost Mobile store on Lafayette Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. They found a red Chevrolet Corvette convertible had hit the store and left a large hole in the exterior wall.

According to police, the owner, Nathan Goldberg, was carjacked at Nebraska Avenue near Sydney Street in south city nearly one hour before the accident. Goldberg was at the scene and told police as he drove down the street a car pulled up behind him and started flashing their lights.  After he pulled over to get out, two individuals struggled with him and another one jumped into his Corvette and took off.  This crash is a result of that.

He is heart broken over the condition of his corvette, but very thankful for his life.

Medics took the suspect to SLU hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Our own Mazda Road Runner Bobby Hughes told police he had seen the same car run a traffic light an hour before the crash. He said police indicated others called about a speeding convertible.

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