De Soto black bear still on the loose

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DE SOTO, MO (KPLR) – Law enforcement and specialists with the Missouri Department of Conservation are still looking for a black bear in Desoto Missouri.

The young bear has proved to be illusive and stubborn as crews have been doing everything they can to try and coax this bear out of De Soto and back up into the woods.

But so far rubber bullets, noise makers and everything else they`ve tried to do have done little to encourage what is thought to be a two year old bear to go back to the forest.

The bear was seen earlier in the day Wednesday as a picture taken by a De Soto resident showing the bear prowling through her back yard.

Now conservation agents are getting ready to step things up to the next level. This afternoon they brought in the big bear cages and bating them with donuts, liquid smoke and other bear favorites.

If the traps don`t work, then agents are ready to move to the next level using tranquilizer guns.

The goal is not to kill the bear, but move it to safely away from the city.

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