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Normandy School District drops lawsuits; No longer considered unaccredited

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – The Normandy School District has dropped all lawsuits against the state of Missouri and the proposed state take over.  The reason for the change of course is a move the state Board of Education made earlier this week regarding the transfer law.  Now the cost of the program for an unaccredited school district will be significantly less.  The Normandy School District will no longer be considered unaccredited.

Currently, the state is set to replace the current Normandy School District board with a new governing board on July 1st. The district would still serve the same area but will move forward under a  new name, The Normandy Schools Collaborative. Teachers and members of the current administration would have to reapply for their positions. This began last year when the state law allowed 1,000 students from the unaccredited district to transfer to better performing school districts.  Normandy was left with a $9 million dollar bill to pay for the program.  The district and community were furious.

In response, the Department of Education has reduced the costs for unaccredited districts to have students transfer and will require students to attend an unaccredited district for at least one semester before they can transfer.  The new rules came after the transfer law left the Normandy School District broke.

The current board calls the transfer unconstitutional. That legal battle is ongoing.

The hearing for a temporary restraining order to block the state takeover is Friday morning.

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