Missouri tax refunds slowly being processed

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Missourians are waiting for the state to pay up so we got an update on your refund status as workers whittle away at the mound of unpaid tax refunds.

Back on June 3rd the number of pending returns was a little over 300,000. As we reported yesterday, Gov. Jay Nixon says the state is moving quickly to avoid breaking state law.

If you ask taxpayers like Ed Holthaus they`ll tell you, this really is a case of hurry up and wait.  He filed his return April 15; it's a date every working adult is familiar with.   After waiting weeks he decided to check on the status.  'I`ve checked on-line and called the number that they give you, to get the recording, It just tells me they`re still processing my tax return.  '

That process moves forward only when the state brings in money.  Right now some taxpayers like Ed say things don't add up.  'We pay the money in all year-long and now when it`s time for them to pay us there`s no money. '

Again, progress is slow but steady.  As of Wednesday afternoon there are 235, 542 tax refunds pending.  So they state owes taxpayers $98,580,670 dollars.  Ed says, who`s minding the books?  'The state has a fiduciary responsibility to us as taxpayers, to have the money and to spend the money wisely and apparently that`s not happening.  It seems like they`d want to pay us as taxpayers and not pay somebody else to keep us happy.   So we don`t come down knocking on the door saying what`s happening with our money. '

The state has 90 days from the day your return was due or the date it was filed o deliver your refund. If that deadline is not met, the state will pay an interest penalty.   Ed and other waiting taxpayers say they need to know government is working for them.  'It`s just more a confidence in what`s going on in government with all the things you hear today. '

If you're one of those looking for your refund check go to the Missouri Department of Revenue website to see if your return is still being processed.

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