Cyber-bullying seminar to help cases succeed in court

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cyver-bully-workshopST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Area law officers came together on Wednesday to hear how to build cyber-bullying cases that can succeed in court.

About 30 officers from different departments came to the event at the Engineers Club on Lindell. Tina Meier was a featured speaker. Her daughter Megan hanged herself in October of 2006 after receiving nasty ‘Myspace’ messages.
16 year old Mollie Bone who says she was bullied at school also addressed the officers. Meier says putting together cyber-bullying cases is incredibly difficult and time consuming. She says the key is getting police, prosecutors and school resource officers to work together and hold cyber bulliers accountable.

“If we do not start holding people accountable for things that they do, they know that it`s not a big deal; they know, they`ll continue to do it. And when we`ve talked to kids time and time again, they know it`s a slap on the wrist, nothing really gets done,” said Meier.

Bone added about cyber-bulliers, “They need to know what they`re doing wrong and that something needs to happen so that kids understand that there is consequences for their actions.”
Wednesday’s event was put on by “Child Safety Day”  – a group that does year round safety training for police.

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