Kansas City twin boys born over a month apart

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KANSAS CITY, MO (KTVI) - For Elene Cowan and her husband David the story behind the birth of their twin boys is not only rare but a true blessing. at just 23 weeks along Elene went to the ER at research medical center and learned the amniotic sac holding baby Carl was bulging, Elene was in labor. Doctors did all they could to stop labor but at just 24 weeks and 1 day there was nothing they could do. When Carl was born he weighed just more than a pound.

After Carl arrived the Cowans' doctor made the decision to do all they could to keep his brother inside. He tied her cervix shut she was on bed rest for almost a month. Everyday Carl got a little stronger. 39 days after Carl entered the world, David decided it was time for him to join his brother.

Fast forward almost four months and both boys are home. Carl is still on oxygen but he and his brother are doing great. They beat the odds and will have a story to tell every birthday from her on at.

David Cowan is an ER doctor in Saudi Arabia and had to get back to work. Elene and the boys will join him as soon as they get the all clear.

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