Family finds puppy with mouth wired shut

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- He's a puppy with a second chance thanks to one south St. Louis family.

"I don't know how anybody could do that," says Tasha Collins.  "It's cruel."

Last Saturday Tasha Collins oldest son found the pit bull/boxer mix near a set of railroad tracks off South Broadway.

"He was in a cage covered with a sheet and it looked like his mouth was sealed two different times with some kind of wiring," says Collins.

While no one is certain who caused the animal abuse, marks on the muzzle of this three month old puppy show the scars he'll carry for life.

"The first time you can tell it had healed already," says Collins.  "But the second time you could tell probably that morning they had released it off because on the upper area of the nose it was completely raw on top of that."

Collins, a mother of five says she couldn't turn her back on the puppy and decided to nurse him back to health and name him Bruno.

"Caring loving dog," says Collins.  "He loves kids everything.  Someone could have just given him to someone instead of just leaving him on the tracks like that."

Collins is working with the carol house quick fix clinic to get him healthy in his new home with a new family in South City.