The Pulse Of St. Louis: Marshall the “Miracle Dog”

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(KPLR) – This week on “The Pulse of St. Louis”, A major movie is being shot in the St. Louis area called, Marshall the Miracle Dog. The tug-at-the-heart tale is based on true events and shares an emotional story of a teenaged boy, targeted by bullies at his new school, who befriends Marshall, a yellow lab. Marshall, held by a dog-horder in deplorable conditions with 60 other dogs, was also abused by bullies. He bonds with his new friend and the two share a wonderful journey.

Tonight on The Pulse Of St. Louis, we'll take a closer look at bullying and what you can do to help combat it.

  • How do we address adult bullies
  • How to believe and achieve
  • Panel final thoughts on Marshall the Miracle Dog

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