Tornado damages homes, businesses in St. Peters

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ST. PETERS, MO (KPLR) - Afternoon thunderstorms led to a tornado in St. Charles County Saturday afternoon. The National Weather Service estimates the tornado to be an EF-0 with estimated wind speeds of 75mph. That was enough to do damage to strip shopping center and numerous home and apartments.

People could be seen driving by the Club Fitness in St. Peters Saturday evening to see the brick façade that crashed to the ground in the storm.  But that's just the beginning of some scary and bizarre stories in St. Charles County.

Meshell Little and her mother believe they may have been driving in the middle of a tornado.

Little said, "It was a high pitch sound and I said, 'Oh my God I'm in the tornado' and stuff was hitting the car."

The two say they were driving on 94 in St. Peters when the storm came down on top of them.  Little was on the phone with her husband.

She said, "He was yelling at me he said go south of 94, go south and I was like - make my own exit? What do you want me to do? I said no, I'm in the tornado right now."

In the nearby Cedar Grove Condos, you could see the debris she was talking about.  We found a stop sign ripped from the ground a street sign driven into the side of a home, right up to the `e` in Cedar Grove Drive.

Debbie Lynam said, "Then right next door, there were lined up pots not even touched."

Lynam described how the storm seemed to jump around in strange ways.

On the other side of 94, near Ashford Lane, we found garage doors that appeared to be sucked in.  It happened to three houses in a row.

Lynam said, "They can't get in, they can't get out."

Then Lynam told us about something else unusual when she returned home after the storm.

"I went inside and there's no water in the toilets. It sucked the water right out of the toilets."

Back at the Club Fitness, no one reported injuries.  A representative also reported that  the roof appears to be intact and they hope to reopen as early as Tuesday.