Selfies may solve multiple car break-ins

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) - Victims from a string of car break-in during the early morning hours of May 29th in St. Charles are speaking out.   That`s when Rick Warnack woke up and discovered someone broken in to his truck. This all happened near Zumbehl and Abby in St. Charles. Thieves took an old cell phone, GPS and a small amount of change.

'Really didn`t care too much about it at first it was old stuff. Then I found out multiple cars had been broken into.' Said Warnack.

Then Warnack`s story takes in interesting turn. Hours later he started to get messages from his old phone. He checked them and discovered the people who had the phone took at least 5 selfies that posted online.

'I started looking at them closer and they were holding my phone taking sefie`s. My the old phone is set up to send all of my pictures to google cloud.'  said Warnack

A white Toyota Tacoma truck belonging to neighbor Walter Krahl was also taken the same night. Krahl says the truck was recovered 24-hours later after a Missouri Highway Patrol officer pulled over three teenagers near Jungermann road because of missing tags.

'They stole everything out of it floor mats cigarette lighter 12 volt cap. You should work hard for your own belongings. I plan to press charges and I hope to see them prosecuted.' Said Krahl

FOX 2 called the St. Charles County Sheriff`s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol and are still waiting for more details on the case. On the meantime, neighbors say they`re thankful for what today`s technology has to offer.

'If you lose your phone or its gets stolen all of your pictures are safe and if someone steals it and is dumb enough to take a selfie you`ll have those pictures too.' Said Warnack.

Victims also plan to update their security systems as soon as possible.

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