One year later, St. Charles tornado victims are moving forward

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-It’s been one year since a devastating EF3 tornado tore a 32 mile long path from St. Charles into St Louis County. Many of the homes on Pralle Lane in St. Charles have been rebuilt, many looking even better than before. But not all. There are still several who are fighting through red tape to get their homes rebuilt.

On May 31, 2014, the tornado quickly spun up just west of I-64. The big mass of spinning clouds grew to a mile wide as it tracked along the river on its way to Earth City.The winds are estimated to have reached as high as 150mph at the height of the storm.

Jan and David Radcliffe live on Pralle Lane just north of the Page Avenue Bridge. Their home sat right in the path of the storm. It, along with many of their neighbors’ homes, suffered serious damage. The couple ran to the basement, barely making it to shelter before their home ripped apart above them.

“None was hurt. No one was killed. I will say…a lot of people listened to Dave Murray they said. When he said go to the basement…I think he said take shelter…we did”

The homes that have not been repaired in this area are mostly working through residual insurance and contractor issues.

The tornado was one of nine that touched down in the area that evening and it was responsible for destroying 30 homes and producing significant damage to 300 more.

To commemorate the tornado anniversary, the Radcliffs are hosting a neighborhood pool party Saturday, weather permitting, where neighbors can mark the end of a long year and a new beginning.

Website: NWS St. Louis’ May 31, 2013 weather event archive page