Lewis and Clark historic maker placed in Hazelwood

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KPLR) - There was a dedication ceremony Saturday for the installation of a historic Lewis and Clark trail marker.

The marker was placed at St. Stanislaus Park in Hazelwood.

The spot was key to Lewis and Clark's expedition, because it provided them with one of the highest vantage points in the area.

Historians believe Clark ordered someone to climb the bluff to see how far away they were from the City of St. Charles, which could be seen to the southwest.

Darrell Pratt says: "We're dedicating this as a commemorative mark, but this is a working survey point. You might come out here sometime and enjoy the scenery, and there might be a GPS unit set up over that and somebody's tying the project they're doing, into the coordinates on that point."

There was also talk at the event about a TV series being developed by HBO on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

So far it's not clear where that series will be shot.

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