Attempted robbery foiled by former police officer

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)-A former police officer stops an armed robbery and it’s all caught on tape. If Jon Uhrig, 30, of Pacific had not stopped to buy a gallon of milk Friday night this would be a very different story. Now he’s being hailed as a hero.

Surveillance video shows Uhrig standing at the counter of a BP convenience store in Pacific when suddenly an armed robber rushes in demanding money. Within a split second, Uhrig disarms him.

It happened a little after 11 o'clock Friday night. Witnesses told police the suspect hid behind a trash can outside the BP store and then made his way inside with the gun drawn. The former north St. Louis County police officer stayed calm, faced the threat, and reacted. Uhrig didn't know at the moment that it was a bb gun, so he pointed it at the bad guy and pulled the trigger.

Uhrig said, “I am glad that things went the way went. But based on my training and instincts, when I removed the weapon from him and I came up with it and my first reaction was pull the trigger and defend myself and stop him from being a further threat and nothing happened."

The suspect ran away on foot and police tracked him to nearby trailer park.

Chief detective Amanda Meyer with Pacific police said, “They ended up locating the suspect inside a relative's bathroom located on Tulip. Once they apprehended the suspect he had already changed clothing but they clothing he was wearing was next to him in the bathroom."

And thankful BP employees believe it was more than coincidence that Uhrig was in the right place at the right time to stop the crime

BP supervisor Nabeel Rehman said, “He's an angel for us and that's what I am praying to God. He sent an angel to us here in the store at the time."

Police are not releasing the name of the suspect because he is a juvenile, a 16 year old male. It’s now up to juvenile court to determine the charges. Police do have the bb gun he used in the attempted robbery.