Overland man arrested for 9th DWI

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OVERLAND, MO (KPLR) - An Overland man who has pleaded guilty to drunk driving 8 times was arrested again for the same crime.  Wednesday afternoon he was still driving his pickup truck.

In the last 24 hours an arrest warrant was issued for 55 year old Charles K. Schuelter for driving while intoxicated.  Maryland Heights police quickly nabbed the suspect and brought him into custody.  Maryland Heights Police Officer Mark Fedak said, “He’s been convicted 8 previous times and this was ninth DWI arrest that we’re aware of.”

Earlier Wednesday we spotted Schuelter driving.  Schuelter said, “I don’t drink and drive at all.”

He did say he had a few drinks the night Maryland Heights Police arrested him for driving while intoxicated.  He also said in the past he had been sentenced to treatment centers twice, jail once and prison for six years where he claims he was never too far away from booze in his job as an inmate.  Schuelter said, “They dressed me up in a tuxedo and they had what they call the Governor’s Mansion you worked there for nine dollars a day and I served them all alcohol at parties to drink.”

Schuelter’s mother called our newsroom asking us not to air the story.  She said it would hurt her son’s chances of getting a job.  She added, “He doesn’t drive drunk that much.”

A St. Louis official with Mothers Against Drunk Driving said repeat DWI offenders are not uncommon.  MADD executive director Meghan Carter said, “We can’t help but get overly upset when we see something like this.”

Even with all the convictions and arrests Schuelter said he was allowed to drive with a hardship license. Apparently that was lie.    Officer Fedak said, “The state didn’t let him drive the state had actually revoked his driver’s license he was operating on a ten year minimum denial.” That means he can’t even apply for a driver’s license for a decade.

Schuelter said he does support MADD, “I agree with the mothers against drunk drivers but they got all the kids on heroin now they got the law so stiff for DWI its ridiculous.”

Police said it would be virtually impossible to assign an officer to each person who has a revoked license to make sure the person did not drive.

Schuelter will have to post a $25,000 cash only bond, wear an ankle bracelet and put a device on his car that will not allow him to drive if he has been drinking, even though police said he’s not supposed to drive when he’s sober.

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