Four rescued from boat north of the McKinley bridge

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Just after 4 pm on Wednesday Bommarito Automotive Skyfox few over downtown St. Louis after fire crews received a rescue call about a 45-foot boat that hit rocks in the Mississippi River just north of the McKinley Bridge.

The Coast Guard and the Army Corp of Engineers were also called to the scene. The Corp brought in a barge and got the four people off of the boat as it started to take on water and sink. The vessel was being transferred from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Alton, IL. St. Louis Fire official Garon Mosby says boaters should double check river conditions before heading out into the water.

"A recreational vessel got stuck on a chevron. A chevron is a compilation of rocks that are placed under the river strategically to influence the water flow. The river is higher than normal so most people would not know that it was there if they didn`t do their research prior to departure. The Army Corp of Engineers had a tug boat and they attached it to a barge and the vessel. The four people got on the barge."  Said Mosby

It took about an hour for the St. Louis Fire Department's Marine Unit to save the passengers and get them back on land. All four of the people on the boat were checked out by emergency crews and are expected to be ok.

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