Attack by teens may leave man paralyzed

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PINE LAWN, MO (KPLR) - Two teenagers are behind bars after Pine Lawn police say they beat up, robbed and shot a 47 year-old man, outside a gas station.  Now they’re behind bars at the St. Louis County Jail, and the victim’s family hopes justice will be swift.

Forty-seven year-old David Porter is a happy man who he loves to dance.  But now, doctors say he may never dance again, thanks to a gunshot wound near his spinal cord.  It’s devastating news for his stepdaughter, Shawanda Henry.  She says, “He did not move his legs or his feet the entire time I was there.  And I don’t know how this is going to affect him, because if you can’t walk, you know, this man gets around, he’s always been a worker.”

Porter works a late shift at the VA hospital. He got off the bus around 12:30 Tuesday morning, and on his way home, stopped for a pack of cigarettes at a gas station on Natural Bridge and Pine Grove Avenue.

As he was walking into the gas station, police say he was approached by 17 year-old Carlos Blue, who asked Porter to buy him a can of beer. Porter refused, and when he left the gas station, police say Blue, along with 19 year-old Monte Johnson, jumped him.

Police say Porter was punched, shot in the back, and kicked in the face. Then, the teens rummaged through his pants and took his wallet, containing just five dollars.  Luckily officers were patrolling nearby, and after a brief foot chase, both teens were taken into custody.

The attack left Porter conscious, but in rough shape. He suffered two collapsed lungs, in addition to the bullet lodged near his spine.

“To think that I stay right down the street; he almost made it home,” laments his stepdaughter.

Now, Johnson is charged with First Degree Robbery, and held on a $50,000 bond.  Seventeen year-old Blue is also charged with First Degree Robbery, along with First Degree Assault, and two counts of Armed Criminal Action.  He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Porter’s stepdaughter surprisingly isn’t angry with these teens; she just wants the violence to stop.  Henry explains, “Unnecessary violence, that’s just all this is. And I feel sorry, because they’re fixing to go to jail, and they’re going to lose their lives, the opportunities that are out here for them. They’re going to miss family time, and all that’s important.”

At first, the 17 year-old lied about his name and pretended to be 16, to avoid suffering the full consequences of his actions. But thanks to the patrol officer, that was quickly sorted out.

Both teens will be tried as adults.

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