Warning for would be storm chasers

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A close call with a powerful twister is raising questions about storm chasing.  Flying farm equipment smashed into the windshield of a group of storm chasers in Nebraska this weekend.

George Wise owns a local production company.  He is also part of the group, Metro St. Louis Storm Chasers.   He says trained storm spotters provide useful information to the National Weather Service.

“If you are not trained in any form or any shape, don’t do it,” said Wise.

Here are links to a video shot by Metro St. Louis Storm Chasers of this weekend in western Missouri.

Wise worries too many “thrill-seekers” are risking innocent lives and getting in the way of 1st responders.

“In the movies you can walk out after you eat your popcorn and watch the film,” said Wise.  “In real life when you’re hit by a farm implement, you’re dead.”

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