Allergy sufferers dealing with sky high pollen numbers

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- It's as predictable as shoveling snow in the winter, that fine green pollen dust is back and it's covering everything.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for allergy sufferers with sky high pollen numbers, but the problems are not just with us breathing this stuff in. It is so thick in the air that you need to wash your car every day, just to keep the green pollen dust off your cars.

So what kind of pollen is it? The vast majority of it is Oak pollen. And there are 30-40 different varieties of Oak Trees that call Missouri and Southern Illinois home.

And because they all leaf out at slightly different times, the Oak season can really get stretched out.

The Oak pollens are also being joined by Mullberry, Hickory, Ash and Walnut among others.

The long cold winter helped keep the early spring quiet, but now that steady warm, summer breezes mean all the trees are off-pollinating all at once.

I spoke with Chip Tynan from the Missouri Botanical Garden who says there is a light at the end of the dirty pollen tunnel.

'If you are getting the green on the truck and then the tassels on the windshield wipers, those are catkins that are shedding the pollen. It`s a good sign if you see the catkins on your wind shield that means the flowering process is coming to an end,” he stated.

Unfortunately, the good news comes with more work at least for a few days. Yards, sidewalks and gardens will all fill up with those pesky tassels and helicopters from the Maple trees which will all need to be cleaned up.

But hopefully in the next week or so things will start to improve dramatically.

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