Jamba Juice holds town-hall meeting on childhood health

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The Jamba Juice company held a town-hall meeting on childhood health and nutrition at Washington University Tuesday morning. This would be one of several events the company would hold nationwide.

Company chairman and CEO James D. White said a good day at school begins outside the classroom.

"It starts with breakfast."

So, the meeting started with a spread of mini egg soufflés, multi-grain muffins and milk. But David Peacock, franchise owner of Jamba Juice, said many Missouri kids are not as lucky. He noticed several kids for whom he volunteers through his parish.

"On the contrast, they aren't having anything. They're sitting there tired, lethargic, inattentive."

The company, along with co-sponsor GENYOUth Foundation, gathered community leaders to brainstorm on how to keep kids active and healthy. Kids were at that meeting table offering suggestions of their own.

"We have class,” said Lexi, a sixth grader. “Maybe some days go outside and do class, instead of just staying inside."

"We really love, admire and want to uplift more students who can be those change agents,” said GENYOUth C.E.O. Alexis Glick. “Because, without them nothing is possible."

Former St. Louis Ram Aeneas Williams stressed that a healthy child grows into an adult with a healthy body and soul.

"Even as I get older, I'm 46, and I still stay active. It really helps my own esteem."

While kids offered solutions, grownups like the C.E.O. of Jamba Juice offered more ways to make those ideas a reality.

"We're in the process of launching a platform that includes whole foods like beets and kale and cucumber,” he explained. “We want to bring the private and public sector together to educate parents and children on living a healthier lifestyle.

GENYOUth also partnered with Fuel Up to Play 60, a cooperative between the National Football League and the Midwest Dairy Association.