Vandals cause $35,000 of damage to school playgrounds

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - Rose Reed says she couldn’t believe her eyes on Sunday morning. She woke up and discovered vandalism on the walls right across the street at Woodridge Middle School.

“I looked out and I noticed spray paint. Custodians were over there spray painting over it.  I have a daughter who goes there and a kid at the elementary it’s all over school they’re shocked.” Said Reed

The Woodridge graffiti wasn’t the worst of the damage. The Northwest School District discovered graffiti at Brennan Woods and the worst of it at Murphy Elementary. The playground was set on fire.

“I know kids that go to that school it’s just so close to the end of the school year and the kids can’t go out and play on the playgrounds.” Reed said

Superintendent Paul Zeigler says it will cost about $35,000 to fix things up. The damaged playground at Murphy is used for recess and lunch breaks. He also says students are coming forward with information.

“I was at our middle school earlier today and at 7:30am we already had some kids come in and share information about what they know about the situation.”  Said Zeigler

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and following up on leads to close the case. Meanwhile, parents like Reed hoping that the people responsible for the damage will face the consequences for their actions.

“We’re a close knit community and if they told people it’s going to get back to us. We don’t need revenge our community takes pride in our schools and it’s a shame they would make a foolish decision to do this.”

A company is set to steam blast the graffiti this week and they hope to have the playground repaired by the fall.

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