Two men facing charges for shooting dog in neighborhood

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – A disturbing case of animal abuse in St. Charles County:  two men tracked down and shot a missing do in the middle of a neighborhood near Wentzville, residents said.

Sheriff’s department investigators were seeking charges against two men, ages 43 and 39.

They’re accused of shooting “Luna”, a female Malamute-Shepherd mix over the weekend.

Luna got away from her home in O’Fallon, MO, April 13.  Mala-mute shepherd mix, that's been missing for more than two weeks.

“It’s unreal to me…I’m just dumfounded that somebody would actually do that to a dog,” said Luna’s owner, who did not want to be identified.  “She’s very skittish, afraid of adults.  She loves kids and other dogs.  She likes being around bodies of water.”

She was shot in an upscale neighborhood near Highway N and Wilmer Road just outside of Wentzville.

Her owners said Luna had been roaming for miles, from her home in O’Fallon to Lake St. Louis and then Wentzville area.

She was last seen Tuesday morning near a small lake off of Wilmer Road putting little pressure on what appeared to be a wounded front leg.

“This is not a wild animal.  This is somebody’s pet,” said Theresa Williams of the St. Charles County Division of Humane Services, the county’s animal control agency.  “She is very friendly and as not shown any aggression to any person.  She’s just very scared. “

The suspects reportedly considered Luna a possible threat to other animals and children in the area, thinking she may have been a wolf.

Investigators don’t buy their story, saying there’s no justification for tracking down a dog and shooting at her in a residential neighborhood.

“It just baffles me that someone would mistake a dog for a 130 pound wolf.  She’s only probably 65 pounds… she’s a really good dog,” her owner said.

Residents spotted a small blood trail and a patch of Luna's fur in the neighborhood.

The men used a shotgun and what appeared to be a replica assault rifle.

They had yet to be formally charged.

If you spot Luna, please call the Pet Adoption Center at 636-949-7387.

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    If your dog runs free then it needs to be put down!! The idiotic owners not being able to contain their dog should be spayed and neutered and heavily fined! I’m so sick of these animal owners allowing their animals to run free and intimidate humans and other pets contained properly on their owners property!

    • DontTouchLola

      I guess it never occurred to you that her owners don’t just let her run loose, and perhaps she got out on her own. The article isn’t clear, but it sounds like Luna got loose by mistake and her family has been looking for her. Making such a broad assumption is just ignorant. Shame on you.

    • Jan

      The dog got loose–it happens! They were trying to find her, and a “scared” dog running away, and injured at that, doesn’t intimidate anyone.

      You’re a disgusting person. I hope you do not own any pets or have kids, passing on this kind of ignorance and hateful, disgusting behavior.

    • Maddie

      Are you serious??? From what I gather the dog was not intimidating anyone or anything. Maybe the owners did have the dog properly contained and it was a freak accident. If a child got lost, would you shoot it? I think not. Have some respect for other individuals because God forbid if your dog ever got out hopefully someone would have a heart to try to give it back to you and just not shoot it!!!

  • Kornelia Terrazas

    What kind of dog was it? Did it hurt anyone? probably not. If the dog got out of the yard as they say here, Why didn’t the owneers make sure the gate was locked and chained so the poor dog couldn’t gt out? As for shooting him or her in such a public place, I wonder how many children saw this. To them it looks alright but it isn’t. Makes you wonder why ther is so much child violence. I’m sorry the dog got away from her home not yard

  • Dave

    I love dogs and feel that these guys are way out of line shooting at this animal regardless of their reasoning.
    That being said, I have a few problems with this report.
    What make the type of gun used worthy of reporting?
    What exactly is a “replica assault rifle?
    If their was a witness (how else would we know gun type) why is there no description of these persons?
    I really despise most of our news media.
    this kind of report makes me want to add Fox to the list of outlets I will ignore.

  • Not sure

    When and if they find the dog do a blood test and you will find that this dog is infact this is a wolf hybrid .

  • Kayla Schneider

    That dog DOES look like a wolf. And how in the world can you tell apart a 65 LBS dog from a 130 LBS dog if you’ve never seen a wolf before. You mind doesn’t think.. “The dog is definitely 60 pounds less than a wolf!”

    The doesn’t mean that the dog deserved to be shot, but it does give a little insight to why they shot the dog

  • steve denstra

    First of all the animal LOOKS like a wolf to me! Missouri has leash law and was the public notified of a “wolf dog” on the loose???? The owners are responsible and should be heavily fined for putting the public in danger?? Good to see someone stand up and PREVENT a mauling or death. Look at the big picture folks… take responsibility. Could have been a tragedy being reported for someone NOT doing anything and letting the animal run wild!

    • Jason Cook

      How about taking responsibility and calling Animal control, instead of playing little Solider boy and shooting an animal. Even if it was a wolf, it could be on the endangered animal list and you would still be in trouble.

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