Alton man charged with bigamy

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ALTON, IL (KPLR) – Police have charged an Alton man with bigamy, after discovering he may have had two wives at the same time.

Sara Jirdon, his current wife says she knew he had been married before when she married him two years ago.

'We all thought they were legally divorced,' she said, adding, 'guess not.'

Sara Jirdon says she did not know her husband appears to have been married to two other women at the same time a few years before he married her.

'It`s crazy,' she said.

The discovery of Eddie Jirdon`s apparent bigamy was made after he was arrested Sunday night in the 500 block of Porter Street in Alton for allegedly slapping Sara.

But in going over his records, police discovered Eddie Jirdon had married a woman named Cynthia Hall on July 2, 2011, even though his divorce from his previous wife Clevonna Jirdon was not final until a few weeks later on July 19.

'It is definitely an unusual one,' said Madison County State`s Attorney Thomas Gibbons.

His office is still trying to sort through this mess, and it is a mess for everyone involved.

'When you think about all the different legal entanglements that are included in any marriage it makes a lot of complication,' he said.

Gibbons says there is no divorce on file in Madison County for Eddie Jirdon and Cynthia Hall, but because his previous divorce was still pending when they married, technically the marriage to Hall was not legal which means his current marriage probably is legal.

Jirdon`s current wife has now taken out an order of protection against him, something his previous two wives had also done.

'It`s weird,' Sara Jirdon said.

'It`s like a slap in the face.'

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