Teen dad says adoption agency stands in the way of raising his baby

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Too young to have a child, two high school kids find out they’re having a baby. The teen mom wants to find an adoptive family. The 16-year-old Dad wants to raise him, but he claims an adoption agency is standing in his way.

Cody Deadmond lives in Ashley, IL and attends Nashville, IL High School. He says he’s supported by his mom and dad, who also tell me they will help raise the child. Cody believes he can be a good father. His ex-girlfriend called an adoption agency, which placed the child with a family north of Chicago. Cody and his family say the agency is fighting to keep their family apart.

Step-Dad Bo Stell told me, “They’re just trying to hold this off hold this off and I guess they’ll hold it off until we can’t go no more, but unfortunately we are, we’re going to keep fighting for him and get him home, where he belongs.“

I asked 16-year-old Cody Deadmond, “What do you want this baby to know when he’s old enough to understand?

Deadmond answered, “That I was there for him and that I fought for him as much as I could whether I get him or not and that I care about him.”

Monday, only on Fox 2 News at 10, I’ll explain what Cody says the adoption service is doing, which causes Cody to claim it’s ‘legally stealing’ his child.

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  • Karen Collins

    Praise God these kids had this baby snd didn’t abort him. Yes I believe the courts will side with the father. So keep fighting.

  • dawn

    Cody I’m soooo proud of you. You have grown up so much. Contiune fighting for lil mad you will be a great dad.

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