Webster University trying to set record for world’s largest taco line

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KTVI)-- It'll take a month of Sunday's to beat taco Tuesday at Webster University.

"In 2012 we did tried to break a record for the longest Sunday and we did and then two months later it got broken," says Campus Program Manager Kristen McDowell.  "So we knew we wanted to do this again."

Not content with their just desserts, the students deserted the ice cream plan in favor of some flavor south of the border.

"All the tortillas had to be touching each other for it to be a continuous taco," says student volunteer Tyler Jensen.

"For one continuous taco?" asks Patrick Clark.

"For it to count," adds Jensen.

There are a lot of guidelines to set a Guinness world record.

Tuesday there were 1,700 tortillas touching to take down the current longest taco line champion.

"It was set by Emory University with 654 feet and we broke it with today with a record of 851 feet," says a McDowell.

Afterwards students were treated to free tacos with beef, lettuce, cheese and salsa standing by for anyone coming through the quad and seeing the giant W.

"It's just a fun way to kind of raise our awareness around the world," says Webster University Spokesperson Jennifer Starkey.  "We're a global university so we like to raise our awareness of that.  And what better way than a world record."

A world record that`s tasty, at that.

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