‘Ice Road Truckers’ star accused of kidnapping, assaulting Las Vegas prostitute

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Timothy Zickuhr

LAS VEGAS, NV (KVVU) — According to a criminal complaint obtained by FOX5 on Monday, reality television star Timothy Zickuhr is facing charges in connection with an incident involving a Las Vegas prostitute in late 2013.

Zickuhr is a star of Ice Road Truckers, which airs on cable channel History.

According to Zickuhr’s arrest report, on Dec. 19, 2013, a Las Vegas Metro police officer received a call from a man who said he, “…had Snow White, and if [the officer] didn’t bring $1,000 to a phone booth at Lynwood and Sahara, he was going to go to Mexico to kill Snow White.”

According to the report, “Snow White” is a Las Vegas prostitute whom the officer had given his phone number to in case she encountered trouble.

Police said Zickuhr continued to threaten the prostitute before briefly putting her on the line. She said, “Help me, he going to kill me,” according to the report.

After two more phone calls between Zickuhr and the officer, the officer was instructed to meet Zickuhr behind the Eureka Casino on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, the report stated.

Police met Zickuhr behind the Eureka and, following a brief foot chase, he was taken into custody.

According to the prostitute, she had agreed to meet Zickuhr at his Las Vegas apartment the day prior. She said he let her use his ATM card to retrieve money to pay for sex acts. Later, Zickuhr contacted the prostitute again, claiming she had withdrawn too much money and he wanted it back, the report said.

Snow White said she met Zickuhr, got into his car and went back to his apartment, where he punched her in the face and threatened to kill her. She went on to say Zickuhr locked her in a closet and instructed her to provide him with the phone number of someone who could pay the money owed him.

That’s when, according to the report, the prostitute provided the phone number of the police officer she knew.

The report further states that before Zickuhr met with officers at the Eureka, he made the prostitute jump from a second-story bedroom window of the apartment.

Zickuhr is charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion.

He is scheduled to appear in court in May.

By Craig Huber


    • Mark F Vinette

      Mark your reply speaks a lot about your ignorance. It seems you think that prostitutes cannot be raped or victims of crimes. The fact that she had a police officer’s number in her pocket means nothing. She could have been a confidential informant, which a lot of them are, or she could have been a victim in the past. A lot of police officers, including myself have tried to help prostitutes get out of the business and giving out your card or number is routine. I have given them my card hundreds of times in the event they needed help or I needed information. You would be amazed what these people see every day and what they know about what goes on on the streets. They can be an invaluable tool for any law enforcement officer.

      • Mark

        Yea, okay, go ahead and tell yourself that idiot. Yea, that profession can get you in trouble, and it’s nice to have a cop’s protection, but aren’t we paying these idiots to lock these POS up? Like when the CIA invented LSD, they had no problem finding prostitutes and mob bosses to test it on, but they couldn’t get them of the streets prior? Believe me, the stupidity is showing clearly here, an I am not bothered one bit by it. Used to people like yourself these days, LOL. Dumbasz!

  • Katrianna

    First of all, this guy is not an IRT. I watched IRT faithfully. He was probably a non-screen driver which means they did not give him any air time like the rest of the IRT. IRT is not on the History channel. It is no longer on the air and no more episodes have been taped. So your info is wrong. .

  • Mark Nelson

    No katrina YOUR Info is WRONG! This was was ON IRT when Lisa, Alex, Rixk and (i forget the other driver) but they filmed in India and this guy took Alex’s place when Alex went home! Also, IRT DID air on the history channel> What were you watching?

  • Keith

    He was on the show but I wouldent call him a “star”!! In my opinion he was a reckless driver who had NO CLUE on how to drive.

  • george

    First off who cares that he was a want a be movie actor, the fact of the matter he not very bright,
    He hired a prostitute, then he gave her his debit card duh how smart is that
    I have make some mistakes in my life but thats two I would never make.

    if he wanted a prostitute he should have gone to a brothel
    when you buy anything off the black market, you had better be street smart and then to call a phone number he doesn’t know and tell someone on the phone to bring some money or else
    he was going to kill her is just about the stupidest thing I have ever herd

    Hopefully he can get some help, I truly think the man has something wrong with him mentally I guess he could claim no guilty for reasons of insanitary

    I hope the the prostitute can also get some help as well, if she wants to work in that field, to it legal and she wont have these kind of problems

    I do believe that a prostitute can be very useful in today world,

  • One Latin Dude

    In the words of a friend, “He has ‘crazy eyes.’ ” Be AWARE of people with “crazy eyes.”

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