Couple shocked by Post Office handling of package

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(CNN) - They're the precious gifts you have shipped by mail. A Kentucky couple expecting a special delivery were shocked when they checked out surveillance tape of the delivery in their driveway.

Kate Sspringer reports.

Handled with no care.

Watch as the postal worker launches the packages out the window.

Captured by surveillance cameras pointed at the Scott County couple's driveway.

A sign next to their mailbox even advertises their property is monitored.

Listen as each package hits the ground.

Discovered by homeowner Jill Smith, whose excitement for her new tablet turned to dismay.

Jill Smith, Resident: "I was astounded!

I could barely talk.

I just ran and got my husband and said you have got to watch this.

The smallest of the boxes containing the high priced tablet, ricochets off the jeep.

Tarry Smith, Resident: You order these high dollar items from Amazon, you expect them to be delivered properly and you see them being tossed across your driveway.

The smiths contacted Lex 18 with the video after they say they contacted their local post office and got little response.

We shared the video with the U.S. Postal Service who released this statement, Quote:

"It is very disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers”.

This matter is currently being investigated to determine the appropriate actions taken with regards to the employee and our customer," end quote.

Tarry Smith, Resident: We order almost everything online.

We're always getting packages delivered from the United States Postal Service and now I have zero confidence in how my packages are being cared for.

The tablet did not appear damaged, but the Smith’s contacted Amazon anyway.

The company has agreed to replace the tablet.


  • thecyberczarina

    There’s only ONE appropriate “handling” of this employee. FIRE them. There are thousands of people willing to do the job with honor and integrity – something this Postal Service employee clearly doesn’t have. Can you say LAZY?! These types of USPS employees are what causes such a dark cloud over all of them. If the union backs this horrid employee, the union is in the WRONG as well.

    • Kayla Schneider

      Maybe our first thought should be to try and rehabilitate the employee. Just because someone messes up doesn’t mean that they need to stripped of their job. It’s ok to give them a strict punishment and try to correct the problem before you just up and jump on firing them.

      • Angie

        No, they should lose their job. That was blatant disrespect and pure malice. It’s shameful and there are plenty of people willing and ready to work.

  • Meg

    Our postal carrier does the same thing. Sometimes she’s even too lazy to pull in the driveway and just leaves the mailbox open with the package sitting on it.

  • jan

    I had FED-EX hang my new I-phone from a pole at the top of my drivway 1/3 mile from my house on the black top county road that anyone could of pick it up, husband found it that evening on his way home form work. It was cold and luckily was not raining yet . They wonder why the postal service is going out of bussiness ???

  • Gail

    Should see how they handle them inside the post office. It is no different than they do delivering it to you.

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