St. Anthony’s Hospital employees receive active shooter training

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Would you know what to do if an active shooter was on the loose?

Area first responders and the public are getting some training that could save their lives.

It looks like a terrifying scene, but this is a member of a swat team posing as an active shooter during a training session at a vacant St. Anthony`s Hospital building.

The scenario is teaching employees the options they have if someone with a gun storms the building.

The first option is to run from the suspect, the second is to hide from the suspect, and the third is to fight the suspect.

First responders are also learning new things at the hospital. It`s called Mac-Tac Active Shooter Training. We can`t show the training on air, but it`s a new process aimed at getting law enforcement officers inside a building to stop an active shooter as well as getting medical staff inside to treat victims.

It`s a need that was recognized after the Washington Navy yard shooting in 2013.

Communication was an issue during the mass shooting.

St. Anthony`s offered police the vacant building in exchange for the run, hide, fight training.

More than 500 employees will receive the training.

Hundreds of first responders in the region will receive the new Mac-Tac Active Shooter Training.