Crews, airlines conduct emergency drill at Lambert Airport

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR)-There was fire on the tarmac at Lambert Airport Saturday morning, but passersby didn't need to call 9-1-1. Crews were conducting an emergency drill designed to train staff in case of a crash.

It was just this past fall that airport officials ran a similar drill. The fire is set in a mockup of a fifty foot airplane fuselage. Then the crews go to work. Airport firefighters, airline employees, and even two area hospitals are part of this drill, which the FAA requires at least every three years.

There is no word from Lambert on why two of the drills are being conducted so close together. Regardless, officials told us the last time around that the training is vital in keeping everyone on prepared if catastrophe were ever to strike. Doing this work is non-negotiable.

The drill lasted from 10:00am until Noon, so if you saw smoke near the airport there was no need to worry.