St. Louis County police officer shoots drug suspect

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI)-- A very tense and frightening scene unfolded in University City Tuesday afternoon.

An undercover police officer shot a drug suspect in the 6800 block of Corbitt, police said.

The suspect was out of a hospital and in custody within two hours of the shooting.

A St. Louis County covert unit was conducting an undercover drug buy between 4:00-4:30, police said.

“During the course of the investigation, while trying to affect an arrest of the suspect, one thing leads to another. That’s still part of the early investigation which we’re not sure of. Something goes wrong during that arrest and an officer fires a couple of shots at the suspect,” said Officer Brian Schellman of the St. Louis County Police Department.

It happened on the street. The suspect was in a black Cadillac SUV.

It appeared the undercover police car and the suspect’s SUV made a slight impact, with the SUV coming to rest over the curb and off the street.

As of late Tuesday night, Police had yet to confirm whether the suspect was trying to flee in the SUV at the time of the shooting.

The suspect did not fire a weapon, police said.

Though residents said they’d seen gang and drug activity in the neighborhood recently, a friend of the suspect says he was not the guy police should be targeting.

“They definitely have the wrong guy. He was a very nice, sweet person. It’s my friend. I’ve known him all my life,” said Nicole Lawson, a friend of the suspect.

“Our detective are going door to door doing a canvass to find out who saw what and what they can help with,” Officer Schellman said.

As of Tuesday night, there was only one suspect police said.

Charges were pending.

Police did not release his name and did not say whether he had a gun or whether officers considered his SUV to be a dangerous weapon, given the circumstances.

The officer involved will be on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation which is standard procedure, police said.

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